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This site contains various usful and unuseful links to Lambretta and scooter releated sites all around the world. ØLC does not take responisbility for the information on any of these sites:

Norwegian scooter clubs - Scooter clubs around the world - Technical/mechanical - Parts - Various scooter sites - Other sites


Norwegian scooter clubs

The Rivals Scooterclub - Kristiansand

Restless Scooter Club - Oslo

Blues Scooter Club - Norway

Tosk - Trondheim & Omegn Scooter Klubb

Vespa Club Old Boys - Oslo

Classic Scooters Club - Bergen

Vespa Club Gjøvik

Vespa-Club Drammen

Live Animals - Oslo


Scooter clubs around the world


Club Siambretta Unquillo

Club Argentino Scooters Y Microcoupés C.A.S.Y.M.


Lambretta Club Belgium


Lambretta Club Chile


Copenhagen Scooter Club


Lambretta Club of Great Britain

Bar Italia Scooter Club - England

The Aces of Spade Scooter Club

Peterborough Lambretta & Vespa Scooter Club

Salford Knights Scooter Club

The Armed Forces Scooter Club

North Wales Nomads Scooter Club

Northern Aces Scooter Club

Birkenhead cloud 9 scooter club

Lancashire Alliance

Staffordshire Saints Scooter Club

lunabase - the luna, vega and cometa owners club


Lambretta Club de France


Lambretta Club of Ireland

Great Western Scooter Club

Irish Scooter Club


Lambretta Club D´Italia

Lambretta Club Cervia

Lambretta Club de Abruzzo

Lambretta Club Triveneto

Lambretta Club Lombardia

Lambretta Club Sicilia

Road Runner Lambretta Club Imola

Lambretta Club de Campania

Lambretta Club de Umbria

Lambretta Club Lazio

Lambretta Club Puglia

Lambretta Club Nuoro

Lambretta Club Pavia

Moto Club Vizzolo


Lambretta Club Nederland

Amsterdam Lambretta Club


Lambretta Club Polska


Lambretta Clube de Portugal

Lambretta Camilo Lopes


Lambretta Club Scotland


Club Lambretta de España

Asociación Navarra de Motocicletas Antiguas

Scooter Club Madrid

Escuter Club Segovia

Scooter Club de Asturias

Scooter Club Denia

Scooter Club Mallorca


Lambretta Club Sveits


Lambretta Club Sverige

Svenska Scooterklubben

Lambretta Club Stockholm

Lambretta Club Gøteborg

Scooter Club Göteborg

Lambretta Club Malmö

Örebro Scooterklubb

Babes Scooter Club Gøteborg


Motorcycle Classic Club of Thailand


Lambretta Club Deutschland

Lambretta Club Deutschland e.V.


Lambretta Club America

Lamretta Club Southern California



Lambretta Club Austria



Scooterhelp - very useful sites with good information.

Lloydy´s Lambretta - very good site with lots of information

Scooter FAQ

Racing Lambrettas - England - amazing site with lots of information on tuning, racing and various models. Lot of historical material.

Technical dictionary - more than 15000 technical expressions in English.

Lambretta Club of Great Britain - very good site.

Lambretta Works´Tech Center - a lot of good tips.

Scootrs Tech Tips - some useful tips and links.

Trekke kabler? Sjekk ut Rimi Lambretta Centre

M & M Lambretta - a lot of useful tips.

Scooters Orginali - overview of serial numbers and various parts.

Cambridge Lambretta Workshop - a lot of tips and guides.

MB Development - tips for tuning

The British Lambretta Archive - a lot of techincal information.


The Hive Motor Scooters - Australia

Casa Lambretta - Australia

Scootermarket - Belgium

Casa Lambretta - Italy

Dellorto - Italy

Lambretta Evergreen - Italy

Rimini Lambretta Centre - Italy

Scooter Vintage - Italy

Lambrettapoint - Italy

Parimormscuppini - Italy

MotoVintage - Italy

Casa Lambretta - Sweden

EM Scooters - Sweden

The Speedo King - Canada

Ricambi - Denmark

Scooterinfo -Denmark

Cambridge Lambretta Workshops - England

Weston Scooterparts - England

AF Rayspeed Ltd - England

Scooter Restorations - England

Beedspeed - England

Fanaticscooters - England

Granturismo - England

Bedlam Scooters - England

Totally Scooters - England

L & N Products - England

Scooter Surgery - England

Lambretta Innovation - England

MB Developments - England

Motoitalia - England

Andy Francis Lambretta - England

WM Scooters - England

Two Wheeled Engineering - England

Scootus - England

Scootertrader - England

Scooteremporium - England

Resurrection-scooters - England

GrandPrixScooters - England

ItalScooters - England

Innocentis - England

JC Scooters - England

Revival Scooters - England

M & M Lambretta

Kohli Auto - India

ADHunik Sales - India

Mod-Wheels - Holland

Motos Antigas - Portugal

A.S.M. Scooters - Spain

Harry Scooters - Spain/Barcelona

Scooter Center - Germany

Motorino - Germany

Worb 5 Scooter Parts - Germany

Lambretta-Teile - Germany

Sip-Scootershop - Germany

Huge MC - Norway

Motomania - Norway

Oslo Scooter Central - Norway

Casa Lambretta - USA

Scooterstation - USA

First Kick Scooters - USA

Scooterwheels - USA

LambrettaWorks - USA

ScootersBellissimo - USA

San Francisco - USA

Scooters Originali - USA

Scooterpartsdirect - USA

Lambrettability - Japan

Stoffi's Garage - Austria


Various scooter sites

Stolen Scooters - put information on your stolen scooter

The British Lambretta Archive

Bikes Reunited - England Lambretta - previous owners seek their old sccoters.

Lambretta Lambro - dedicated to Lambro three-wheelers.

Scootering Magazine

Classic & Modern Scooterist Scene Magazine

Toms Garage - many different scooters.

Scoot.net- lots of various links.

International Scooterist BBS - big disscusion forum.

Scooter Forums - another big disscusion forum.

GoManGo Scooter Pics - en rekke billedserier fra rallies i England

Look at my Scooter - scooter presentation

Poetry on Lambretta - in Italian

Scootermaniac - lots of information

Lambretta Girl

French Scooter museum


Other sites

Circa Design- funny used furniture store in Oslo



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